Weird Chronicles

I have been trying to figure out, how I’ve been having the same nightmare since a child and from time to time like a drama, there will be the next episode. I was so near to uncovering the truth today but woke up in fright and could not remember “the reason”.

Here’s the story.

In the 30s to 40s of Shanghai, a man dressed like a rich man pressed another man down on the table near the window. It looks like an office as there are many work desks and documents. I was pretty sure this is the loft of the building.

Me? I stumbled about the incident and was too scared to move and am behind the walls of the entrance.

Recently, I had an updated version, continued from where I always woke up in sweat.

Present in a dinner where everyone was bading goodbye. It was a feast thrown by my Dad but I never get to see this “Dad” in the dream.

As I was walking on the streets, people were chiding me for helping my “Dad”, not standing up for justice.

Then today, I was getting into sleep but I couldn’t remember anything from the dream except a river and I could finally know the reason.

However I woke up in fright again and I swore the bedroom door closed a bit by itself and I heard like someone knocking onto the door but of course I could see no one.

I’m very curious about this nightmare that had been haunting me since I was a child but not sure who and where to ask. It would be great if anyone could tell me.

I read in an article that we carry some of our ancestors’ memory in our DNA. If that is true… then oh no!!!!


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