The Best I Could Do


It takes a lot of courage to wish someone the best sincerely no matter how you are breaking inside.

The strength summoned to pretend you are all right while you lift up your right hand to wave goodbye. Maybe we won’t say goodbye because it is so difficult to at this point of time. So weird, goodbye had always been a form of telling someone, we will see again, how did it became so reluctant to come out of our mouth now.

Nobody explained what was misunderstood or perhaps not communicated clearly. It didn’t matter anymore. The results sealed the fate of what will be thrown into a box, tucked away in a corner and never to be uncovered.

We tried to slow down the pace, not hurrying back home this time because we all knew it could be the last time. Looking around, maybe for an interesting place – looking for a reason. A reason to buy time while the penny buy a coffee or sweet.

There was nowhere suitable, nothing interesting for we had went to almost every of the outlet together before. Nothing very special at this moment.

Were we trying to reach out to each other but pride told us to be cool about it. That’s how the movies plays it. We heard from our friends that it is not normal to be melodramatic about it so our arms withdrew.

The train came so quickly, provided me with another excuse not to bade goodbye. We act like we will see again, maybe when all the hurt had subsided, maybe when time allows us to forget how we loved each other.

Maybe the time was not right. Maybe it was not the right person.

Maybe the next one to come by will be, maybe……

So we keep believing in maybe as we do people watching in the train.

The people must had kept us busy for a while until we got down the train. The sky is dark, everyone is with their loved ones. We are walking on the streets. The rain should come down now.

Sorting out the photos seems like a chore for everyone who fell out of love. We must hesitate if we should keep them then finally put them all in the rubbish bin after we stored the moments in us, not sure the heart or the brain.

Maybe we teared a bit while reminiscing.

This is the best I can do, to wish the people who are leaving the best. Hoping they would be happier than staying here beside me. Maybe they finally found the right one at the right time. It was so perfect for them to stay here anymore and is time to find the perfect moment to bade goodbye.