“I do”

Today we were hired to do a proposal video at this very secluded restaurant. We had done a pre proposal video prior to today. It will be on air on youtube.com/35mm soon, maybe next week.

I am more than happy to do this as this is a joyous occasion.

IMG_4234 edited



Is it every girl’s dream to have a grand proposal? Maybe they feel being treasured by doing so. Agnes is not the bride, but if you had watched our youtube, you would know, she’s one of our mutton.



The best thing that I enjoyed most was the collective effort from everyone.









There must be yummy food on a joyous occasion. The food was nice but I was enticed by the dessert.


Last but not least, I am touched by their friendship. They were all filming under the scorching sun for free!!! With their bikes, although with no training prior to the filming, they strive to be like those professionals. What is life without true friends. Friends that feel happy for you when you are happy, lend you their shoulder when you are sad. Always here whenever you need them.

Some years down the road, everyone’s gonna look at this picture again. Thanks Lord for sending someone who discover photography; a visual lens that capture your instant moments into eternity.Β IMG_4397



Let’s end this with the photo of the female lead. Everyone might have their own perspectives about being a blessed woman, but this gal here must had saved the country in her previous life, to get so much love from everyone around her. I wish her happiness and may the smile on her face never disappear.



My Reply

a word

A word for a word,

An eye for an eye.

If silence cannot protect me,

I decided it is better to scream out loud.

In the process of staging a retaliation,

my resilience grew.

As I hold myself in a piece,

my mind became peaceful,

my heart grew bigger.

Silence is the most powerful weapon,

when combined with time,

it can suffocate your predators without a finger lift.

Let time speaks the truth.

Out beyond ideas of wrong doings and right doings,

there is a field, I’ll see you there.

I sign this off with a sigh. ….